My goal is to create paintings that appear minimal at first glance, but are in fact, complex visual records of time, life and experiences. - Kelly Ording

Kelly Ording's works explore the fine line between minimalism and representation. Interested in the tonal and textural possibilities of a surface, Ording often begins her compositions by hand dyeing paper or canvas, creating an element of surprise and playfulness that offsets the mathematical rigor and precision of her use of bold color and line. Central to her work is the interplay of radiating color, unfolding shapes, and patterns.

Ording often uses the word "meditation" to describe the act of line-making, where time for her moves in a poetic manner. The repetition becomes its own way of marking time and thus marking the human experience. 


Dynamic in nature, her paintings can be considered a vehicle to explore color theory, where overlapping patterns evolve and release tones. The balance of her compositions allow you to explore the emotive qualities of color. 

In addition to her works on paper and canvas, Ording's public works and murals hang in San Francisco's Clarion Alley and Unity Plaza, the headquarters of Facebook and Genentech, and other locations throughout the Bay Area and internationally. Her work is featured in the collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), the San Francisco Arts Commission Public and Civic Art, the Alameda County Arts Commission, and JP Morgan Chase.