Paul Béliveau's precisely rendered hyper realistic paintings bring together literary and historical subjects and figures. His newest series, Suite Morandi, is inspired by the often pastel-toned works of Italian painter Giorgio Morandi. In this series it is the books themselves rather than the text that are treated as the primary aesthetic object. His seriesVanitas builds facades of book spines that house interconnected titles. Béliveau's work creates a conversation between the visible and invisible. In the series Autodafés broken spines and burnt pages create paintings that feel like relics of the past.


Born in 1954, Paul Béliveau attained his Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from Laval University in 1977. Recognized for his expertise in drawing, engraving and painting he has since then had more than a hundred solo exhibitions across Canada, the United States and Europe. The recipient of numerous prizes in visual arts and of multiple grants from the Canada Council has taken part in several commitees and juries as specialist in the visual arts. His works can be found in many public and private collections throughout the country and has to his name some fifteen works of art integrated into architectural sites.