Carmen McNall

California based artist Carmen McNall’s paintings are punctuated by deep woodcuts creating a balance between textured patterns and stretches of pure pigment. Her practice relates directly to the handmade in both subject matter and execution opening a dialogue on the relationship between people, their environments, and what inherently fastens us to our surroundings, examining the empowering qualities these places retain.The faceless figures in McNall’s work resemble Goddess like muses as they rest in dynamic yet effortless poses. Each one embodying strength, confidence, and wisdom alike. The figures are adorned with a novel blend on symbolic patterns and mark making. They rest within their own elements, surrounded by a complex yet tranquil interior landscape that inhabit both ancient and futuristic realms. They act as anonymous guardians of a transcendent, yet familiar moments in time. Through this work, McNall explores the body as a vessel, a container that carries us through life, using both literal vessels such as vases and containers, as well as human forms. She investigates all that is held within our worldly form: memories, tension, energy, healing properties, intuition and how all of these manifest into movement.