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Wood River Studio Tour

September 23, 2014 to September 28, 2014

55 Artists Open Their Studios to the General Public September 27 – 28 for  the Wood River Valley Studio Tour. WRST is an Idaho non‐profit organization celebrating the artistic talent of the Sun Valley, Idaho community, by connecting artists, art lovers, and those new to art, through an annual exploration of local artist studios.

Gilman Contemporary will host aCollectors' Series evening with a lecture focusing on fine art photography Thursday, September 25th  5:30 – 7PM. 

Owner, L’Anne Gilman, whose passion and own personal collection is both vintage and contemporary photography, will discuss the differences between tradition and conceptual photography and why both have equal value in the art world.

September 27 – 28.  Expanded Calendar of Events September 23 – 28

Alex Couwenberg , Craig Mooney , Marco Casentini , The Artist’s Hand

October 17, 2014 to November 20, 2014

This fall season we will have a rotating exhibition of gallery artists.  With a variety of paintings and photogrpahs, this staff curated exhibition will include new works by some of our gallery favorites.  Gilman Contemporary will devote multiple exhibition spaces to artists hailing from the US and abroad.  Artists include Marco Casentini, Alex Couwenberg, Jeri Eisenberg, Craig Mooney, Mike Stilkey and Valerie Stuart. For a coming preview of the exhibitions please check back.

Ormond Gigli, Tom Chambers, Melvin Sokolsky, Smoke and Mirrors III ~ The Magic of Photography

December 18, 2014 to January 20, 2015

Back by popular demand, Gilman Contemporary will exhibit both guest and gallery photographers whose talent behind the camera reveal the magic and sublime mystery of this medium.  Artists such as Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz, Donald Sultan will join Tom Chambers, Ormond Gigli and others the gallery will exhibit during the holiday season. For a coming preview of artist please visit the upcoming exhibition page on our website.